Avoiding Burnout

People are sometimes under strong pressure. You can’t always recognize if someone has reached their limits. Signals on the way to burnout may not be obvious.

solyoution helps you become aware of these signals. We show you how to deal with this specific pressure in a constructive way and how to avoid stretching the limits.


Cross Cultural Communication

“Yes” doesn’t always mean “yes” – it can simply be a polite way of saying “no”. How do you interpret verbal and non-verbal signals like this? Not understanding the culture you are working in can impact on your success, and, in some situations, expose you for not having done your homework!

Successfully communicating in unfamiliar territory requires intercultural awareness. Allow us to equip you with some basic knowledge so you can overcome your cultural differences.


Communications Skills

Avoid misunderstandings and improve your relationships

Communication can make or break a relationship. When communication divides, those involved often don’t know what or why things are going wrong. And the results can have serious consequences.

Good communication is a skill – something you can learn. Avoid misunderstandings, improve your relationships and get your message across with solyoution.


Conflict Management

Conflicts are sometimes necessary. Occasionally they can be solved in a positive fashion, sometimes they seem to be insoluble. This is a signal that the roots are not where they are expected. Unsolved conflicts strain the working atmosphere, foster high sick-leave rates and waste time. Unsolved conflicts cost money. solyoution helps leaders to understand conflicts and find constructive solutions.



Real leadership may be one of the most demanding duties for managers. It involves creating an inspiring atmosphere in which people work under their own steam and with a purpose. Sometimes managers find a supportive atmosphere, and their repertoire of skills and experiences is rich enough for them to succeed. Sometimes not.

There is one particularly delicate situation: the first hundred days in a new job. This stage has some typical traps. If you walk into one of them, you’ll possibly need a lot of energy and time to repair or contain the ensuing damage. And some important people might be keeping an eye on you, just waiting to see how you’re doing.

Our solyoution coaches know these traps. They will be on the lookout with you for your specific challenges and identify the key success factors. Together you will develop a road map and they’ll provide support until you’re on terra firma.

You‘re already in charge and confronted by a demanding situation? You’re looking for somebody who’s experienced and senior enough to become your sparring partner? solyoution coaches are. And they have only one goal: your success.


Mission Statement

Does your mission statement really reflect your purpose?

Your misson statement ought to reflect your vision, your spirit – your reason for existing.

Sometimes old values no longer carry a company in times of change. Indeed holding onto old values as your guiding principles can prevent change and cause your company to stagnate.

How to create a mission statement? solyoution creates the process with you – enabling you to develop a well-founded, binding and cohesive mission statement that the whole company can unite behind.



Sometimes conflict situations require professional support. Long-lasting conflicts often reach a point where the intervention of a neutral person is needed. solyoution’s mediators have extensive experience. They make sure everyone gathers at one table and achieves sustainable results.


Merger Coaching

Team building support at the right time

Mergers are exciting and promise significant change and growth for a business. Sometimes though, people are reluctant to change and resist new structures and ideas. This can lead to resentment and a lack of productive team work. Often, several years down the line, you can still find two cultures co-existing.

Merger team building is one of the most difficult tasks for today’s business leaders. solyoution coaches can provide you with the right tools and support to suit you and your team during your merger.


Post Merger Integration

When a company is half way through a merger, the success of the outcome depends on the behavior of the people involved. solyoution helps you to merge successfully, to avoid the best of the best leaving the company, to prevent backward-looking subcultures, and to ensure that the employees work together so your company can prosper.


Self Management

Break down barriers and improve your performance

Have a long to-do list and a short amount of time to do it? You already know all the tools for time and task management but they are just not working and you need an alternative.

solyoution helps you uncover those hidden barriers to your productivity and works with you on a plan to increase your performance.


Stability Management

Create a stable environment while embracing change

In times of change, there are periods when things become unstable. Teams are rattled, leaders concerned, strategies on trial. In these times, it’s good for leaders to know how to preserve their stability. This preservation is crucial when walking on uncertain terrain: for the standing of the leader, for the team, for the success of the business. solyoution provides managers with ways and means to safeguard or to regain their own stability.


Stress Handling

Proactive ways to deal with stress

Have you noticed how some people respond to stress really well? No matter how under pressure they are they seem to always manage to appear in control.

The good news is that you too can take charge of stress and deal with your worries in a positive, proactive and healthy way. Because we all have a unique response to stress, we will provide you with a unique approach, just for you, that will provide you with the tools you need to cope.


Team Development

Create your winning team with our team developer

A working, performing team has a dynamic quality. Great team performance is your goal but to get there teams firstly have to overcome several hurdles.

What are the dynamics of your team at the moment? What stage are you at in terms of team development? How can you move from your current state of stagnation or of conflict or confusion?

Our team developer will identify where you are and guide you to your optimum winning team stage.


Termination Talks

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid having to let someone go. Depending on your culture, this could be the most difficult dialog you have ever had with your employee.

But how can you address it in an acceptable way? How can you avoid a distressing atmosphere and yet still be resolute and clear at the same time? How do you deal with strong emotions? What do you do if accusations are made? solyoution experts prepare managers for these situations. We provide specialist knowledge supported by case studies and coach you through what you have to say.


Redeployment Talks

career transition talks and how to manage them

“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar” – Raymond Lindquist

Today we often see employees having to seek new jobs either within the company or out on the open market. If they can’t find the job they want within the company then redeployment talks may well more on to redundancy talks. The question is how can you motivate people to make a career transition outside the company when they really want to stay where they are? We can give you some advice on what to do and what not to do to ensure a smooth transition for you and your employees.